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Through our free discovery call, we demonstrate the importance of understanding the individual client’s challenge of breaking into the Medical Device field, so that we can deliver the most effective coaching possible. Our mission is to deliver undivided attention to each and every client we work with.

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Provide Direct Access to The Best

Our clients have direct access to the best identifiers and developers of Med Device sales talent in the world, and we pride ourselves in delivering direct coaching and feedback that allow our clients to drastically improve their chances of landing their dream job in Med Device.

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Make Practice Harder Than the Game

The Interview Simulations with Talent Capital are designed to be more intense than any interview you will encounter with a hiring manager for a career in Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales.  We want you to make the mistakes with us, so we can coach you and correct those errors, eliminating the possibility that you will repeat them in future interviews when you are trying to earn a position that will potentially increase your annual income by $100,000.

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Continuous Coaching

The best Med Device reps have mentors, but the elite reps have more than one. Our clients have the opportunity to have the best sales and career mentors in the world to not only assist with deal strategy after the dream job has been secured, but to walk alongside the clients through their careers and maximize their runway.

Sales and Leadership Coaching

World Class Deserves World Class

The best athletes in the world understand the benefits of paying for and having access to world class coaches. Coaches that teach them how to eat, sleep, stretch, workout, and prepare to be as successful as they can, for as long as they can.

Talent Capital believes the same should be true for the best sales people in the world and our unique services provide that access to the best.


"I’ve known Jake Proffitt for over 10 years and he has always had an uncanny ability to identify, coach, develop and promote talent. During his tenure at Stryker Jake was a respected and sought out leader who provided coaching and mentorship across the corporation. Under his guidance, Jake has hired several top performing account managers who have gone on to be promoted to leaderships roles in both Sales and Marketing. He can see talent in candidates that may not have been known, draw that talent out and guided people into incredible careers. I know this first hand as Jake had a part in my development. If you have the chance to be coached by Jake Proffitt, I strongly suggest you take full advantage of that opportunity. His results speak for themselves. He is the best advocate I know for anyone trying to break into the Medical Sales Industry. After all, your experience and training mean nothing if you can’t nail the interview."

Steve Bellisari

Stryker Medical

Sr Director of Sales Patient Resuscitation and Treatment 2018 - 2019

Sr Director of Marketing Acute Care 2015 - 2018

Regional Manager - South & East 2010-2014

Account Manager - Lexington 2009

"Jake was a godsend. We needed to hire desperately, but with our entire team stretched to the max individually, we didn't have the time for a well-run hiring process. Jake took it all off our plate, and landed us a great slate of final-round interviews that ultimately led to a phenomenal hire."

Dave Thornton

Chief Executive Officer

Healthcare Sales Enablement Inc, maker of PatientFinder.

"Jake Proffitt has an innate ability to transform your own passion to succeed into tangible results. As someone who has spent close to 2 decades working for a top 5 medical device company, he offers rare insight into not only what it takes to get your foot in the door, but also how to successfully establish yourself. I first connected with him in October of 2018 during my senior year of university. Within 2 months of earning my bachelor’s degree in May of 2019, Jake had played an integral role in helping me to secure a job with my dream company, a top 5 medical device company. Jake always helped me to navigate the rigorous interview process and I felt as though I was his top priority at all times. Even as a new graduate with minimal experience, I never felt anything but confidence with his help. He was able to advise me about little things that I never would have thought of on my own that I can confidently say played a significant role in helping me secure the job. If I ever meet someone in a position looking to break into this incredible industry, Jake will always be my first recommendation. You simply can’t go wrong."


Talent Capital Client

"Jake has been one of the most decorated leaders in the medical sales industry for over 17 years. His eye for talent and ability to coach and develop sales reps and sales leaders is remarkable. When I have an opening on my team in Seattle and start recruiting talent, he’s my first call. If you get the chance to be coached by Jake, it will be the very best investment you could make to help you break into the industry. "

Mike Hammer


2018 Rookie and Rep of the year

Presidents advisory council member

2019 Field sales trainer


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